T's All Kine Ono Grinds - Easy Home Cooked Meals

About Me

I am a local woman from the island of Hawaii, born and raised here with all the love and aloha from family, friends and strangers. I have a passion for cooking , it just sets me into the mood. I have been having many request to sell and ship some of my food to people around the world so here is were I want to start. Thank you all for your love and support. God Bless


Everything I make is all homemade, it was either created by myself or by family members. My baked goods is my specialty and I need to start somewhere so why not here. Right from my very own kitchen to yours.


My food is made from easy and simple ingredients that we all have hanging around our kitchen. It is easy to make and taste and looks like you broth it from the outside. Simple, easy home cooked meals that's what I'm all about.

Customer Reviews

U r n insparation for me n, keep ur recipes. Facebook fan from my page on www.facebook.com/TsAllKineOnoGrinds
You are the BOMB sister! Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes..;-)
My Ohana thanks u! Facebook fan from my page on www.facebook.com/TsAllKineOnoGrinds


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